My grandfather introduced me to the passion for gardening. Looking back on those lazy Saturdays he listened to the Yankees game on the transistor radio and pruned his roses and weeded his vegetable garden. I so looked forward to Saturdays. In fact it didn't matter what we were doing as long as I could pal around with my grandfather. 

His lawn was immaculate he proudly would say "lets patrol the perimeter" and we would walk around his property line picking up stray leaves or twigs that had blown in or fallen down. His property was manicured to such a degree that a fallen leaf would stick out like a sore thumb on his golf course like groomed lawn. When he cared for his roses he would first say they command respect if you move too quickly around roses they will bite you. He was referring to getting scratched from the thrones. He would always smell each bloom and then carefully pick away any brown leaf, scratch the dirt by its roots and fertilize accordingly. He would say, "If you want it to grow strong and beautiful you need to love it, care for it and feed it the water and freshest food possible then he would chuckle, kind of like you."

Our State of the art structure is carefully monitored and controlled to be 100% organic. We use sustainable farming methodology, composting, worm casing and the psychology of plants to grow the very best.

Christine Raffa...

It is with the greatest love possible that I build this grateful greenhouse in the honor and memory of my Grandfather Edgar Theodore Pritchard. One of my deepest world sorrows is that he did not live long enough to see all I have become, and for me to express my deepest gratitude to him for his influence on who I am today.