Every person can benefit from a detoxifying juice cleanse. While cleansing is defined as a process to help the body detoxify more thoroughly, it is suggested to participate in a juice cleanse in order to help in elimination and neutralization of toxic materials stored in the body. Consuming vast quantities of fresh juices to push nutrients through the body is how the process of cleansing is described. Detoxing the body is a sure way to restore, renew and rejuvenate. The detoxifying cleanses are known to result in peace and clarity in the mind, body, and spirit. Cleansing has had a long history of success and establishment throughout hundreds of years.

Fruit tends to flush the system much quicker than vegetables, so it is recommended to start with a fruit filled drink first, followed by a green vegetable drink, as that will supply the body with energy and a good source of sugar. Current food sources contain food pesticides that put strain on the digestive system, by participation in a juice cleanse, the body and digestive system have an opportunity to clean out more toxins than usual allowing more readily accessible nutrients to energize the body’s system.

Preparing for a juice cleanse is very important for the whole mindset of the process. One to two days before initiation of the a juice cleanse, it is recommended to switch to an all vegetable/grain diet and increasing the consumption of water drastically during this time frame. This preparation gets the body ready to reduce acid levels and get ready for nutrient absorption. Ending results of a juice cleanse consists of benefits of reduced strain upon the digestive system, increase of the elimination of toxins, as well as increased efficiency of the whole body’s organs and systems. Results of cleansing vary from person to person, but can result in clearer skin, weight loss, changed dietary habits, increased flavor sensation, and increased energy. During an cleanse, one may feel sensations of peace and centeredness as the body is restored to its natural state. It is recommended by the Raffa Raw team to juice cleanse quarterly throughout the year.

Why Cleanse?

The purpose of a cleanse is to eliminate stored toxins in the body and increase overall Health. A cleanse by design is not a “balanced diet”, there is far more going out, than coming in.

Here at Raffa Yoga we have set up two options for juice cleanses. A client can participate in a one day, or three-day juice cleanse. Each of the cleanses offer different benefits for the body. Each day of a juice cleanse has six juices available and consists of two of each prepared juice. Participants of the cleanse are advised to drink water but not to over exceed consumption of water to allow the system to fully absorb the nutrients provided. It is recommended to not consume and other foods during a juice cleanse, but to become aware of the body and not to starve oneself. Participating in a Raffa juice cleanse, can be made to order just 72 hours before your pickup and can be customized to suit your personalized needs. Please note any allergies or other implications before placing a juice cleanse order to ensure the best results!

Always Check with your Health Care Provider to see if Cleansing is appropriate for your individual health needs.

Cleanse Instructions

Raffa Cleanses



1 DAY: 6 Cold Pressed Juices ($65)

Our cold press juice cleanse is fantastic if you are a first timer to cleansing or reintroducing cleansing seasonally.

Includes one each of:
Green Alkalize, C-blast, Green Detoxify, Well-Being, Digest, Relax and Restore 



2 DAY: 12 Cold Pressed Juices ($110)

All Green Low Glycemic Count with the highest level of alkalinity for a deep level of whole health detoxification. A great choice for those looking to enhance health

Includes two each of:
Green Detoxify, Green Alkalizer, Green Relax, and Master Cleanse and 4 of our All Green juice



3 DAY: 15 Cold Pressed Juices ($190)

3 sprouted Almond Milk Designed to catapult you on your journey to Transformation. 3 days of Cold Pressed Juices and liquid Nutrition.

Includes three each of:
Green Alkalize, C-Blast, Relax and Restore, Well Being, Digest



2 Person Minimum

6 Cold Pressed Juices ($55 ea.) 

Cleanse together, Stay Healthy together. When you order your one-day cleanse with a friend, save $10.00 each.

Includes one each of (pp.): Green Alkalize, C-blast, Green Detoxify, Well-Being, Digest, Relax and Restore  



A great way to set an example and develop healthy lifestyle changes. Our 3 Day Cleanse offered at a discounted rate for groups of three or more. This specialized cleanse is excellent for offices, organizations, and groups of friends.

3 DAY: 15 Cold Pressed Juices ($160)

Includes three each of: Green Alkalize, C-Blast, Relax and Restore, Well Being, Digest



6 Cold Pressed Juices ($48) 

Forget the flowers and send nutrition to heal and nourish the body and soul. 


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